Company Overview

Company Overview

  During the past century, Master Technique  Company has grown from a fledgling water treatment business to a leading provider of integrated water treatment and process improvement services, chemicals and equipment programs for industrial and institutional applications. We do this by focusing on our core markets of water treatment and process chemicals and on our corporate strengths - global presence, on-site expertise, and innovative products and services.

  Master Technique  employees work to solve and prevent problems, protect the environment, decrease costs, increase productivity, improve profitability by reducing customer total costs of operation, and maintain asset reliability. Master Technique  mission is Delivering Customer Advantage by helping our customers grow in their marketplaces.


Our goal is to help ensure optimum and trouble-free operations in the customer's plant, mill, mine or municipality through the prevention of water and process-related problems and proactive process improvements. The Master Technique  representative is key to achieving these goals - as consultant, problem-solver, on-site expert and business partner.


Master Technique  works to meet its customers' needs through our commitment to identifying, nurturing, protecting and growing new technologies. Through global research groups, Master Technique  develops key ideas, advancing them rapidly and efficiently through our product development process. We apply advanced scientific principles and techniques to develop practical solutions to challenges in a wide variety of industries and applications.




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